‘Don’t overthink it’.
This short film is about our exessive need for technological development. We strive for something new everyday, losing ourselves in the maze.
It poses the question: How will they look back at us as a society, as humans? Mindless, desperate and lonely?

I feel, a certain kind of emptieness.
A slope, in which the days slip away.
A maze, circling my feelings
slowly walking to the beginning,
there, at the source.


It always has to be faster, better.
We want new things everyday,
things we didn’t even know we needed.
There am I,
cynical, sarcastic, suspicious.

We have become a weird era.
How will they look back at us?
Depressed, lonely walking smartphones?
Enslaved to their own need for development?
Who, will come after us?
What, will come after us?
We are so wrapped up in technological growth that
we forgot our own growth.
We can’t keep up.
Is this compulsive tendency towards expansion,
step by step the demise of the Human race?

I don’t know...
I can only question it.

And in the meantime,
in the meantime,
I will never fully trust it.

What comes after us?
Where are we going?
What do they want from us?

‘Don’t overthink it.’